The PGA TECHNIKA company offers spare parts for MERLO telehandlers. We run a MERLO stationary store, we also carry out mail order sales. Orders are sent directly to the address indicated by the Purchaser.

Basic and typical spare parts for MERLO loaders, as well as special orders, we try to fulfill in the shortest possible time, often not exceeding 24-48 hours. On the PGA TECHNIKA website, we publish only selected items from the catalog of parts for MERLO loaders, if you do not find the part you are looking for, please contact us.

Every MERLO telehandler purchased from an official dealer network comes with a MERLO parts catalogue. The catalog contains the necessary MERLO diagrams, on the basis of which the customer determines his needs. If the customer does not have a parts catalogue, our specialists will determine and select the necessary components. We have parts for MERLO ROTO – rotary loaders, MERLO agricultural loaders, MERLO CINGO.

Over 10 years of experience in servicing MERLO telehandlers allows us to diagnose the telehandlers before purchase with full responsibility, both in terms of technical efficiency (in the case of used machines) and suitability for a specific type of task. At your request, we can help you choose models of Merlo telehandlers adequate to the tasks they will have to fulfill in your company.

We cordially invite you to trade cooperation with the PGA Technika company.

We are a business partner  KRAMP.